People are divided into what blue blood character they want to kill

Fans of “Blue Bloods” seem to have two characters in mind that they would like to kill, but they do not seem to quite know which one they would like to say goodbye to the most. In fact, about 19.03% of the 536 U.S. residents polled by Headline 4 Ever said they would most like to kill Len Carious Henry Reagan, while the same number of fans said they would like to get rid of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan. Elsewhere, 18.66% of respondents voted that they would most like to kill Will Estes’ Jamie Reagan. Meanwhile, just over 10% of respondents said they most wanted to kill Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan.

The results of the poll may be surprising to some “Blue Bloods” fans, but not to others, depending on who their favorite and least favorite characters are. That said, Danny Reagan has always been one of the more controversial characters in “Blue Bloods,” and there have been conversations over the years among fans of the show about his personality and sympathy. Conversely, it comes as little of a surprise that Selleck’s Frank is the character that the slightest amount of “Blue Bloods” fans would want to say goodbye to, given that Selleck is apparently the face of the entire series and brings a level of gravitas to that which none of his colleagues in the cast can quite match.

In fact, while fans of “Blue Bloods” may be arguing about which of the show’s characters is the least and most useful, a majority of them seem to agree that losing Selleck’s Frank would be too great a loss for the series to bear. When it comes to Danny and Henry, however, it seems that consensus is quite different.

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