Paris Jackson straightens its steamy scene in American horror stories

Despite the dark, hypersexual nature of the “Rubber (Wo) man” episodes, Jackson wanted to Cinema mix that the film of the scene was “just not very intimate at all.” Between the COVID-19 guidelines and the guidance of their “incredible” intimacy coordinator Corrin Evans, the steamy scene was a “pretty easy experience.” Explaining the process, she said that “In between every time we put on a mask and rinsed with mouthwash and did it all, but it was so professional and so, I guess, coordinated that it was just the job.”

Prior to their connection-gone-wrong, Scarlett has a sexual fantasy about Maya and climaxes when she strangles her to death. Jackson said the film of these scenes was about everyone involved making each other feel relaxed and asking for consent all the time. “It was just a lot, I was trying to make sure the Sierra was comfortable,” she said. “She was trying to make sure I was fine. You know, ‘Is it okay if I put my hand here? Is it okay if I put your hair back? Is it okay if I put my hand on yours? face, on your hip? ‘”

“Just open communication and being very professional,” she added. Their behind-the-scenes experiences differ drastically from the screen of high school bullies, violent crackdowns and lurking evil, showing how effective such a painstaking process is when it comes to creating intimate scenes for television.

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