Out of every breakup with friends, this one stands out above the rest

The Ross and Rachel dynamic was established in the first minutes of the series’ first episode, when a recently dumped Ross says, “I just want to get married again,” and a wedding dress wearing Rachel bursts in Central Perk. The show teased the idea of ​​“will they, will they not” throughout season 1 and into season 2 before finally rewarding audiences. However, this reward was short-lived as Ross and Rachel would break up in season 3, episode 16. For a sitcom, the scenes where Ross and Rachel break up their relationship are surprisingly heartbreaking. If not for the pranks of the rest of the gang that canceled from Monica’s bedroom, the episode could easily have passed as a drama.

As fans know, the breakup was due to Ross sleeping with Chloe from the copy point of the previous episode, “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break.” Earlier in this episode, a frustrated Rachel Ross tells her that she needs a break from their relationship. When Ross’ night with Chloe is revealed, Rachel accuses him of cheating, though Ross defends himself and says, “We were on break.”

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