Not all foreign coaches are tactically very strong: Bhutia

By Jagannath Chatterjee

New Delhi, July 19 (IANS) Former Indian football captain Bhaichung Bhutia feels that not all foreign coaches are tactically very strong and that even Indians could provide good tacticians provided they have the necessary skills to guide the team.

While not diving into the argument of whether the current Indian coach, Croatia’s Igor Stimac, was the ideal tactician for the senior side, Bhutia told IANS that “All foreign coaches are not bad and at the same time not all foreign coaches are good. . The same is true of Indian coaches.

“It depends on under which coach (and) at what time you play. I was lucky to play under one or two foreign coaches who were extremely good as Bob Houghton. Similarly, I have played under some foreign coaches who were not good enough. The same is true of Indian coaches. So you can not really differentiate, ”he added.

“So let me end this way that I have played under some foreign coaches who were not so good and also played under some who were wonderful.”

The former striker, who has seen ups and downs in Indian football, switching from Indian coaches to foreign coaches and from the I-League to the Indian Super League (ISL), felt that even though the Indian coaches know the players, the climate and the country’s culture better, it is the technical expertise that keeps the foreign coaches ahead.

“Yes, they (Indian coaches) know the players, the conditions are better, but at the same time (they) have to be tactically very strong, which they may not be,” Bhutia felt.

However, Bhutia said the chairman of the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) technical committee was best equipped to take a call on whether the coach should be an Indian or a foreigner.

“It is up to the person who is in the position of chairman of the technical committee to make the decision whether it should be an Indian or a foreign coach,” Bhutia added.

The ace football player felt that he – Indian or foreigner – is the coach for the side, he should have knowledge of the side and also the local conditions, which is the key.

“This is very important. I think the coach needs to have a complete knowledge of the tactical side of football, local conditions (Indian conditions) and Indian players. So this is very important. ”



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