No plans to recognize the Taliban as an Afghan government, says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his government has no plans to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government in Afghanistan. “Canada has no plans to recognize the Taliban as the Afghan government. “When they were in government 20 years ago, Canada did not recognize them,” Trudeau said, Xinhua reported. “Our focus right now is on getting people out of Afghanistan and the Taliban need to ensure free access for people to get to the airport,” he said on Tuesday.Read also – The Taliban have won the war, we need to talk to them: the EU’s foreign policy chief

“We are working with our allies on what Canada, as part of the international community, can do to stabilize the situation, protect civilians and put an end to violence. This includes taking leadership by bringing Afghans to safety in Canada, ”he said. Kabul fell to the Taliban on Sunday. Two planes with diplomats, troops and Afghans from Kabul landed in Canada on Monday night. Read also – In the midst of the takeover of the Taliban, large numbers of Islamic State, JeM, LeT terrorists have entered Kabul: Report

On Tuesday morning, the Canadian State Department confirmed that a flight landed in Toronto with Afghans qualifying to arrive in Canada under the government’s recently announced special immigration measures for former interpreters and embassy staff helping Canadians in Afghanistan. The second flight landed in Ottawa and included returning personnel from the Canadian Embassy in Kabul. Read also – Will never bow to Taliban terrorists: Ex-Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh promises new battle

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