No co-education at universities, first Fatwa by Taliban

Kabul: Taliban officials in Afghanistan’s Herat province have ordered the government and private universities to no longer allow girls to sit in the same classes with boys, Khaama News reported.Read also – Afghanistan crisis LIVE updates: abducted Indians safe, documents processed for evacuation, say reports

At a three-hour meeting between university teachers, owners of private institutions and Taliban officials, the latter said there is no alternative and justification for continued co-education and should be stopped. Read also – 150 Indians ‘kidnapped’ by Taliban from Kabul airport without danger | Everything you need to know

Afghanistan has a mixed system of both co-education and separate classes with schools operating in separate classes, while co-education is used at both public and private universities and institutes around the country. Read also-Afghanistan-Taliban crisis: IAF’s C-130J plane evacuates over 85 Indians from Kabul, says report

Lecturers in Herat province have argued that state universities and institutes can manage separate classes, but due to the limited number of female students in private institutions, the latter cannot afford to set up separate classrooms.

Mullah Farid, head of higher education in Afghanistan Islamic Emirates, who represented the Taliban at the meeting in Herat, has said that co-education should be stopped because the system is the root of all evil in society.

Farid as an alternative suggested that female lecturers or older males who are virtuous be allowed to teach female students and for the co-education, there is neither an alternative nor any justification to be continued.

Speakers at Herat said that since private institutions cannot afford separate classes, thousands of girls could be deprived of higher education.

There are reportedly about 40,000 students and 2,000 lecturers at private and state universities and institutions in the province.

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