Nicki Minaj defends Michael B. Jordan over the name of his new space brand


Los Angeles, June 23 (IANS) Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan has been accused of cultural endorsement over the name of his new space brand, and rapper Nicki Minaj has come out in defense of the actor.

Jordan has named its new product J’Ouvert Rum. J’ouvert is a major street party held annually as part of the carnival in many Caribbean islands (primarily in the Lesser Antilles) and in areas where the Caribbean people are immigrants.

After commenting on the users’ comment with the rumor name on her Instagram account, Minaj believes that Jordan did not intentionally insult Caribbean people.


“I’m sure MBJ did not intentionally do anything that he thought the Caribbean would find offensive,” she wrote captioning in her post, reports

Minaj still suggested that Jordan change the name of his space brand.

She added: “but now that you are aware, change the name and continue to flourish and thrive.”


The original comment shared by her slammed the decision to name Jordan’s rum brand, which the user explained is “a broken down version of the French Jour Ouvert, the morning called the day open”.


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