New What if …? Trailer shows the many branches of Marvel Multiverse

The new trailer for “What if …?” starts appropriately enough in the same place as the MCU: With Tony Stark posing for MySpace photos in Afghanistan, seconds before he is easily exploded by one of his own company’s weapons. This time, however, he saved instead of snatching a box of shrapnel in the eleventh hour of Killmonger from “Black Panther,” and the two go out in the middle as Rick Blaine and Captain Renault.

The promise of a theoretical MCU where Tony never became Iron Man or stopped selling guns is only the tip of the iceberg. The teaser also gives fans a glimpse of an Avengers-adjacent swooping, low-angle shot from a team of Star Lord, Thor, Black Panther and Gamora with Thanos’ double-edged sword. We See a World where T’Challa was taken by Yondu and took Peter Quill’s place as Galaxy Guardians, a Loki-led Asgardian invasion of Earth, the long-awaited return of Howard the Duck, and a new imagined timeline in which Peggy Carter became World War II super soldier. In a surprising twist, Spider-Man also makes a brief appearance with his “Homecoming” duds, but otherwise doesn’t give curious fans much to continue. Scott Lang also shows up as a bodily head in a bell jar. This show will be off the rails.

“What if…?” is scheduled to debut at Disney + on August 11th.

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