Netflix’s release date, cast and plot of Shaman King

The first season of “Shaman King” arrives on Netflix on Monday, August 9, according to What’s on Netflix. The anime series began airing on the Japanese network TV Tokyo in April 2021 and will end later this year. The first season of the 11 episode arrives in the US in August with future installments likely to debut on the streaming service further down the line.

There are currently 52 episodes planned for the series as a whole, each of which is expected to be divided into four volumes. It’s a slightly shorter series than the original anime adaptation of “Shaman King,” which ran in 64 episodes from 2001 to the end of 2002. This restart is expected to end in Japan later this year.

Blu-Ray release dates for each season also offer a good indicator of when future seasons will arrive, as the release date for the first season closely matches the Netflix premiere. The dates are August 25, 2021 for season 1; November 24, 2021 for season 2; February 23, 2022 for season 3; and May 25, 2022 for season 4.

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