Nearly 1500 fans gathered to watch Fahadh Faasil shoot

Director Mahesh Narayanan directs Fahadh Faasil in the upcoming Malayalam film “Malik”, a crime thriller that causes the actor to play a leader of the masses who leads them against corrupt forces.

” Malik ‘is a magnificent project, thousands and hundreds of artists and crews have come together to create something that leaves a lasting effect. We have strived to keep the film as close to perfection as possible. Each scene in the film is exactly what we all had in mind as we developed the story, ”says Mahesh.

In addition to Fahadh, Nimisha Sajayan, Vinay Forrt, Dileesh Pothan and Joju George star.

Mahesh says Fahadh’s magnanimity is such that once 1,500 people gathered to watch the actor shoot.

“This film is also special because I will once again be working with this very versatile actor Fahadh. He has such a big fan that once when we recorded a scene, almost 1500 people gathered to see him, ”says the director.

He adds: “That was when I realized how big this project is. He really is a superstar with distinctive acting skills and it is a gift to see him read the script once and understand what the character is. He puts his mind, body and soul into a movie and maybe that’s why he is loved by so many people and is a superstar. ”

“Malik” will stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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