Nathalie Emmanuel reveals what it’s really like to work with director Justin Lin on F9

Nathalie Emmanuel said she met Justin Lin just a few weeks before “F9” started filming, recalling “He was just so cool and really open and wanted me to have ideas and thoughts about Ramsey and what we wanted. see from her.He was very, very open and we just talked about a lot of things.It was just so nice to meet Justin and finally work with him because the other two movies I have made have been with other directors , which was also so brilliant, but Justin just felt so integrated throughout the franchise because he had shot so many of the films. “

Emmanuel added that Lin’s openness to ideas even extended to the way Ramsey styled himself in the film, which incorporated something Emmanuel had done in real life. “I had been to New York and I had my hair braided,” she said. “I had actually just come back to London and still had my braids, and he was like, ‘I really love this. We were going to use it for the movie.’ And I thought, ‘Okay, that’s great.’ It was really fun, because at the end of the movie, I let my hair down a bit when the mission is over. “

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