Namit Das spends a special day buying books

Actress Namit Das shares her birthday plans on Saturday, including shopping for books with her wife, actress Shruti Vyas, followed by quiet dinner with the family. Namit adds that he wants to cook dinner because he loves to cook.

“My birthday plans are very simple, I use it with my wife. We’re going to a bookstore and she’s going to buy me some of my favorite books. Then there will be a dinner with the family. I think I have to cook because I really love to cook, ”Namit informed.

The actor also reveals that he would previously go on holiday with the family on his birthday, but given the pandemic situation as well as the fact that many holiday destinations are crowded, they decided not to travel this year.

“Originally we were thinking of going to Shimla or Mussoorie. Mussoorie is one of those hill stations to celebrate my birthday that has changed now completely because the pictures coming from these holiday destinations are pretty scary because people move without masks. It feels like people have not learned their lesson, so we have decided to celebrate at home. This is one of the biggest changes that has happened due to the second wave, but I’m happy. I feel safe in my house right now, ”says Namit.

Incidentally, his birthday also marks a year of release of his digital series “Mafia”.

“One of the memories I have of the project is the fact that we shot it in an exotic location and we were constantly told that we were shooting close to Bhutan. I had a good time shooting with the actors. It was just brilliant, and also the role I played – Nitin Kumar – is very honest and idealistic, “says Namit.

Speaking about how the pandemic has changed his perception, the 37-year-old actor says, “It has made me very grateful for everything I do in life and the fact that I live and breathe because I tested positive during the race. of second wave in mid-April and now I’m completely out of it. It took me a long time to recover and the fatigue killed. ”

–By Yashika Mathur

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