My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission Release Date, Cast, And Plot

When the third film was unveiled, many were eager to know what new and exciting story they would see. Newsweek translated the synopsis, which was originally published on the film’s website, and shared it accordingly.

A new threat has emerged during UA students’ internship to become a winter hero. A group known as Humanize has set out to destroy anyone who is an individuality holder, which seems to be a reference to Quirks. The group believes Quirks is a disease, and to eradicate it, they have placed bombs to kill users. These bombs may be the reason why Deku has become a wanted man. In response to these plans, professional heroes from around the world have created the World Selection Hero Team. This team will consist of Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki as well as their classmates.

The process of getting rid of Quirks can bring Eraser Head to mind as he can deactivate powers for a short time. However, it is clear that Humanize is far more dangerous. They do not aim to take Quirks from heroes. Rather, they hope to eliminate anyone who has one, putting many at risk. The film finds Deku and his friends fighting with this opponent, not only to protect themselves but also someone like them. Since so much of the population has some power, there can be hundreds of losses.

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