My Hero Academia fans have just received exciting news

For fans of “My Hero Academia”, who have previous knowledge of the show’s comic book source material, the fact that the series started Endeavor Agency Agency just after the end of the Joint Training Arc came as probably a surprise. In the manga “My Hero Academia”, the joint training arc is followed directly by the Meta Liberation Army Arc, also known as My rogue academy bow, due to the fact that the title of the series for these chapters changes to “My Villain Academia.” Instead of anticipating the heroes who usually serve as the main characters of the series, the arc – as suggested by the title – instead focuses on the members of the Villains League as its central characters.

Anime eventually chose to swap the order of these two story arcs.

As told in a post on ComicBook.com discussing the impending arrival of the My Villain Academia arch, the story is something of a favorite among fans of the “My Hero Academia” manga. Especially in the wake of the poorly received Joint Training Arc, it is likely that the anime adaptation of My Villain Academia Arc could be similarly praised among all the fans who will experience it in anime form for the first time.

“My Hero Academia” season 5 is currently expected to last for 25 episodes (via Save your), so provided this remains true – and it should, since 25 is relatively standard for an anime season – the My Villain Academia arc should last for seven episodes in total. If there are no delays in the series’ weekly premiere schedule, My Villain Academia will start on August 7th.

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