Michael Emerson Reveals What It Would Take For A Lost Revival To Happen

Michael Emerson admits that a revival would be “tricky” to pull off, especially if it involved the “Lost” original cast. “I couldn’t name you a handful of the original actors that would do it,” he said. “Maybe I’m wrong about that. But I think I could speak for anyone else that was in that original show that it would have to be a hell of a new take on it, a hell of a new angle. We would all have to be playing something kind of brand new. So, I don’t know.”

But if, say, all or most — or even just some — of the original “Lost” cast were to sign on, there’s still the question of what the storyline would be. “What would it be? A prequel? A sequel? I don’t know,” Emerson said. “It’s interesting. It’s food for thought. What would it take? What would I have to see on the page to say, ‘Let’s do that again’? Here’s the thing, though, you would never get that duo of writers to do it again, I don’t think.”

Working in favor of a revival, though, is that the show went in multiple directions — flashbacks, flash-forwards, and even flash-sideways segments. Any of which could offer fodder for a new “Lost” series. “I suppose there’s a way, if the writing was good enough, to pick up one of the ‘Lost’ threads,” Emerson said. “You know, pick up on that idea of Hurley and Ben ruling the island for a period of time. And what if the show was then more funny? Serious, but more light-hearted. I don’t know. It’s an interesting question.”

Season 2 of Emerson’s latest series, “Evil,” is now streaming on Paramount+, with new episodes airing every Sunday.

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