Matthew Perry’s Worst Role After Playing Chandler On Friends

Fans we polled picked one of Matthew Perry’s more recent big-screen roles as his worst role after playing Chandler on “Friends”: the adult version of Mike O’Donnell in 2009’s Zac Efron vehicle “17 Again,” which received more than 25% of the vote from respondents. Coming in second is Perry’s take on Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple” with over 20% of the vote; perhaps viewers found Perry’s performance lacking in comparison to legendary portrayals of Oscar by Jack Klugman in the 1970 series and Walter Matthau in the 1968 film version. 

Perry’s role as Ben Donovan in “Mr. Sunshine” took third place, as chosen by 15.4% of survey respondents, with the Ryan King role from “Go On” lower by a razor-thin margin 15.24 % of the vote. Bringing up the rear of the poll were Perry’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” character, Matt Albie, with 13.45%, and Perry’s role as real-life educator Ron Clark in the TV movie “The Ron Clark Story” receiving just over 10% of the vote.

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