Matthew Perry’s favorite friends episode is not what you would expect

Some of Matthew Perry’s co-star favorite episodes are based on sentimentality, while the others chose fan-favorite episodes as their own. When it comes to the actor, he chose his favorite episode based on a line he delivered in it. Perry showed up Good morning America in 2017 and portrayed which episode he preferred the most. It turns out that his favorite episode is “The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend” – the first episode of season 2. While most of the story revolves around Ross bringing home his new girlfriend Julie (Lauren Tom) and Rachel’s response to it , involves a subplot Joey and Chandler and a very hand-sewn tailor.

Chandler needs a tailor, and Joey recommends one he has been around for years. Joey then notices that his tailor made his first suit for him when he was 16, but then discusses whether he was actually 15. He walks back and forth and then asks Chandler, “Okay, when was 1990?” Noticeably frustrated with his friend, Chandler acknowledges back: “Okay, you have to stop Q-tip when there’s resistance.” The now-famous line is one of Perry’s favorites across 10 seasons, making the season 2 premiere his favorite episode ever.

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