Margherita Maccapani Missoni, Rossana Orlandi Stars in video for Milan – Headline 4 Ever

MILAN – “Not in Milan” is the slogan that marks an international communication campaign aimed at attracting tourists back to the city with a little help from ambassadors ranging from Margherita Maccapani Missoni to design guru and gallery owner Rossana Orlandi.

“Although the word ‘not’ evokes something negative, in this case we are turning it into something positive,” Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said as he presented the campaign at the Palazzo Marino on Tuesday.

Using an ironic tone and catchy visuals, the short clip aims to combat clichés and features Maccapani Missoni and Orlandi at milestone spots, where the former roams at the Stazione Central train station and the latter takes a cappuccino at the iconic Camparino bar in the central Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

“I’m a village girl, but as soon as I could back in 2001 I moved here,” said Maccapani Missoni. “At that time I was also an ambassador for my family business and used to travel a lot around the world. During these trips, the reaction of the people was usually when they heard that I was from Milan, almost to be sorry for coming from such a city. Ever since my goal has been that [celebrate] its qualities, so I could not be more proud to be a part of this project, ”added the designer, who left his role as creative director of M Missoni earlier this year.

Other ambassadors tapped for the project included star chef Carlo Cracco and Alberto Dalmasso, co-founder and CEO of Satispay’s digital payment startup.

The overall concept of the campaign is to restart the city as the best European destination for a ‘return to business’ by rejecting stereotypes associated with this form of tourism – which is the key to a financial and commercial center like Milan – and show how business and lifestyle can walk hand in hand.

“Did you ever rush to your first meeting of the day without having a cappuccino? Not in Milan, ”said a voiceover in one of the segments of the clip, ending with the invitation to“ come and see how real business is in Milan. ”

Luca Martinazzoli, general manager of Milano & Partners, the city’s official promotional agency, explained that the campaign highlights business tourism as this is an important asset for the city compared to other Italian destinations.

Milan has always been Italy’s economic and industrial powerhouse. In 2019, the city generated 144 billion. Euro in total added value, more than 10 percent of Italy’s GDP.

“The goal is to increase the quality of tourism here rather than the number of tourists. Being primarily driven by business purposes, this type of tourism is sustainable with the city, ”Martinazzoli noted.

Founded by the Municipality of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza, Lodi, the association Milano & Partners activates partnerships and collaborations with several local companies, brands, universities, cultural institutions and public entities to enhance the city’s international attraction. It is also supported and financially supported by 15 private entities – including Pirelli and Accenture – that invest annually in the company’s promotional projects.

Martinazzoli said an annual budget of 3 million euros goes to promote the city.

For the production of this campaign specifically, Martinazzoli credited the agency We Are Social Italy for mainly contributing to its production by developing the strategic and creative approach. Milano & Partners is investing 300,000 euros to promote it abroad, especially in the US, UK, France and Germany, where the site will ship next week.

Rossana Orlandi i

Rossana Orlandi in “Not in Milan” short video.
With permission from Milano & Partners

In addition, all ambassadors participating in the campaign will reinforce it by posting it on their social media channels.

Martinazzoli said the goal was to print faces from different industries to showcase the many facets the city has to offer. Although most personalities were not born in Milan, they found professional success here, an aspect that Martinazzoli said was important to emphasize in order to telegraph that “Milan is an open city and has always welcomed everyone.”

“Being a part of this project is a worthy contribution,” said Dalmasso, who established Satispay in 2014 in Turin but acknowledged that moving the company to Milan after 18 months was the only way to make it possible to scale up the size.

“From that moment on, everything accelerated for us. This city looked so inaccessible and expensive, but it is a place that quickly welcomes you and where everything becomes possible … It gives you the opportunity as it makes everything you need accessible, ”added the entrepreneur.

Despite the temporary setback caused by the pandemic last year, Milan is ready for an autumn season filled with events across different industries. Specifically in terms of fashion and design, before the city hosts Fashion Week from 21 to 27 September, it will stage a special edition of the Salone del Mobile International Trade Fair and Interior Design Fair.

For the occasion, renowned Italian architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri will take over and act as curator of the event, called “Supersalone” and running from September 4th to 10th. Incidentally, on Tuesday, Salone del Mobile named Maria Perro is its new president, followed by Claudio Luti, who resigned the role earlier this year.

“It took a lot of bravery and willpower, and we are fighting to achieve excellent results for the September event,” said design guru Orlandi, who was emotional, explaining that “this industry is suffering, raw materials are lacking, but we are here, Milan is ready and we restart full of energy.

“This city is amazing, extremely generous, and there is not a single person who says no to helping a hand at this moment,” she continued, adding that she is proud to be a Milanese. “Someone told me that this city has a rare energy and I find this beautiful and perfectly representative of what we are.”

At the launch of the campaign, personalities from the scientific community and the business community who have helped bring world-class meetings to the city in recent years were also recognized for their contribution to strengthening Milan’s international reputation by receiving a special plaque and letter. from the mayor.

In 2019, Milan attracted a record number of nearly 7.5 million business and leisure tourists who spent at least one night in the city, marking a 9.4 percent increase over 2018.

The city’s mayor sounded cautiously optimistic because the first signs of improvement have been seen in the last few months, with American and Spanish tourists currently back in the city. “We are the second city for tourist flow in Italy right now, so these are good signals for a good restart,” he said.

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