Marathi Content Needs Wider Audience


Actor Swwapnil Joshi, who soon reprise his role of Kumar Mahajan in the Marathi web series “Samantar 2”, says the particular streaming platform on which a project gets released plays a huge role in the show’s success. He adds that the Marathi industry has lately been producing some of the finest content, in cinema as well as OTT, and just needs a wider audience.

“It is the platform that gives you (the audience) the first cue on how they feel about the show. If a platform is hesitant in backing a show, then as a viewer you are going to be hesitant in watching it. If the platform is aggressive in marketing it and you see they are putting all their power in pushing it ahead, you know they are confident about the show and you would consume it faster. The platform, right marketing and mounting play key roles going forward,” says Swwapnil.

Swwapnil, who has been part of various Marathi films and shows in the past, is of the opinion that the industry has churned out great content over the past couple of years.


“I think Marathi cinema has grown manyfolds in the last couple of years. Marathi cinema has really come of age. We have reached the Oscars, we have broken the Rs 100-crore barrier and continue to do that every passing day,” shares the actor.

Swwapnil is still remembered for his role as a child artiste, when he appeared as Lord Krishna in Ramanand Sagar’s show “Krishna”. Growing up, he made a name for himself in Hindi and Marathi shows.

The actor feels that Marathi content should strengthen its reach.


–By Yashika Mathur


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