Malaika reveals its nickname on ‘India’s best dancer2’

Mumbai, October 16 (IANS) Actress, dancer and model Malaika Arora and participant Meyitemsu Naga discover that they share a similar sounding nickname on ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’. Malaika is a judge along with Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis; together they are known as ENT (entertainment, news and technology).

Meyitemsu Naga, who is from Nagaland, impressed the judges with his performance on the song ‘Ishq Walla Love’ in the audition round.

After his appearance, Meyitemesu revealed to the judges that he cannot speak Hindi and can only communicate in either English or his native Nagamese. And when Meyitemsu’s name was no less than a tongue twister to the judges, he asked them to call him ‘Me, as it was his nickname.

This led to Malaika saying that her nickname was also similar because she was known as ‘Mimi’ in her family. This came as a surprise to even her close friends and judges because it is an unknown aspect of Malaika’s otherwise very public life.

About his experience, an excited Meyitemsu said: “Dancing is my passion. I’m so glad the judges appreciated my performance and my talent. I will give my best through the show and win the trophy as a gift to my parents. This is just the beginning. I promise to do what it takes to prove that I am not just a good dancer, but also a respected artist. ”

(‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ begins airing Saturday night on Sony Entertainment Television)


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