Lu Bu’s Powers In Record Of Ragnarok Explained

As the most powerful warrior ever seen in China, Lu Bu can pack quite the punch. His strength and speed alone are enough to keep up with Thor at the god’s strongest. Keep in mind “Record of Ragnarok’s” Thor isn’t the same hammer-swinging bonehead from the MCU. In this universe, his hammer is roughly the size of a semi-truck, and this Thor can huck it around with the same skill and grace as his Marvel movie equivalent. Blocking a blow from this bad boy would be like stopping a speeding train loaded full of tasers with your bare hands.

He puts this to great advantage on the battlefield, especially when combined with his halberd and horse riding skills. According to the Record of Ragnarok Wiki, Lu Bu can use his trademark halberd, “Sky Piercer,” to perform a technique known as “Sky Eater.” Simply put, “Sky Eater” is a halberd swing with enough force behind it to split the sky itself in a mind-boggling display of machismo.

Unfortunately, however, not even this technique was enough to stop Thor. Even with Lu Bu’s trusty steed at his side, the general simply could not overwhelm the Viking god. Even so, his extreme durability allowed him to keep up with the deity for the bulk of their fight. He even managed to continue the battle without either of his arms before Thor took his head off with one final swing.

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