Loki’s production designer Kasra Farahani reveals the invalid secrets

Kasra Farahani noted that invalidity is “a dumping ground of deviant realities” and approached it as such: “The idea behind it and invalidity in general is that it is this hyper deserted place where you have been deleted from time to time and you come to TVA and then you have been cropped yourself from TVA that kind of has been deleted twice, this is where you end up. ”

From there, we got into the details. While discussing the physical construction of the set, Farahani revealed to us that “The Void was a whole stage building, and then it was a massive inner terrain that we built and that had seven different iterations. We wanted to bring in different elements to make it feel different., sometimes overnight.So for example, the giant heads were an iteration of it.The drive-in cinema was another iteration of it where Sylvie wakes up.There was a version of it with the engine from the spacecraft they go there was a version of it where Loki first wakes up with the bus light and all that. “

When asked if there were any Easter eggs, he would highlight, “the whole episode 5 is like an Easter egg, because of what I’ve said, it’s deviations from time to time, so they are deleted. Some of it comes from the script , some of it, suggest the various collaborators, some of it is born in the art department. “He remarked that” Thanos copter is super fun “, and he also liked the Polybius machine in Loki Lair.

All six episodes of “Loki” season 1 are now streaming on Disney +.

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