Loki Episode 3 Ending Explained

In “Loki” episode 2, the series stated that time travelers typically have no influence on an apocalypse event because they are fixed times, which means that nothing about it can be changed … so it seems a bit pointless that Loki and Sylvie in initially trying to get on the evacuation ship. They obviously can not just sit on Lamentis and wait to die, but it was only last week that we saw Loki ruin Mobius’ salad to explain how apocalypse events work.

As such, it was more than just a long shot that Loki and Sylvie would succeed here. The ark was always destined to explode, so it’s no surprise that the episode left them exterminated in the neon-soaked city. As cool as the “Blade Runner” -like streets are, Lamentis-1 was always destined to be ruined.

Sylvie hammers it home once they land there, noting that of all the apocalyptic events they could have been to, “this is the worst.” So how will Loki get out of this?

Well, here’s a theory: Lamentis-1 may not be real. Look at the focus given to Sylvie’s enchanting abilities throughout the episode – what if she simply puts Loki in an illusion in an attempt to get more information out of him about TVA? Sure, it would undermine the whole drama and effort of this episode, but it would certainly be an interesting twist.

Meanwhile, fans will just have to wait to see what happens to Sylvie and Loki until next week – new episodes of “Loki” fall every Wednesday at midnight PST on Disney +.

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