Let’s play more test matches (Column: Left view)


By Anjum Chopra

As an Indian, I feel sad. The mouse, which we so proudly held until a while back, now has a new address.

Could the result of the World Test Championship (WTC) final have been different? Yes and no.


What the Indian team should have done differently and what could have been done better can be discussed over the next month, as the Indian men’s team will regroup after a break and begin preparations for the Test series against England, which begins on the 4th. . August.

But let’s be honest here. Did we not enjoy the test match?

Yes, of course as Indians we wanted it all to our advantage, but we were treated to some very good cricket. In my opinion, the preliminary WTC final was a hit. That it kept the audience engaged was evident from the discussions among fans. Even on the sixth day, I was asked if we get the victory and the trick home.


Southampton as a cricketing venue was considered ideal taking into account safety and delivery factors.

At this time of year, the world of cricket is usually seen in the United Kingdom. Be it for play or holiday, the UK provides the ideal weather. Yes it is raining but everyone is pretty much used to it.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), taking into account the English weather, provided a 6th day for the WTC final. Two days were flushed out and it was not possible to play. So practically we got a result in four days.

We all like to see a result at the end of a game. Good bowling or poor shot selection are all discussions, but it is clear that with increasing skill level and playing time for players, we are likely to get a result at the end of a test match.

In the recently concluded test match between England and Indian women, the game went down to the last hour and expected a result for both teams.

English captain Heather Knight expressed her opinion in favor of 5-day tests for women instead of 4-day games. Just to ensure a result.

Well, at the moment it may seem difficult to get it. The priority is to have the women’s test match cricket.

In addition, the changing style of play allows the probability of a result within four days.

I loved playing in England. It provided an ideal chance to test your abilities and temperament under ever-changing weather conditions.

My introduction to the British summer was in 1999, when the Indian team toured to play Test and ODI series.

Not much has changed since then. However, the batting style has become more aggressive.

Indian women boast a good test match record against England.

So why not play more test matches. Players love it! Whether it is four or five days, we see more results-oriented matches. I am sure that as time goes on, we will also see a revival of test format among women. Men’s cricket and the six-day WTC final have set the tank and ball in motion.


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