Legends of the Hidden Temple Release Date, Host and Challenges

At the very least, the CW has been accommodating with the challenges we have to face with this reboot. According to the original series, six teams compete with two participants (and yes, the classic “color + animals” team names remain the same) compete in a series of basic challenges before driving a glove through Olmec’s labyrinthine temple to retrieve this episode’s artifact .

Recurring challenges include “The Moat”, an athletic challenge where teams are required to cross a wide water source, and “The Steps of Knowledge”, a quiz segment where players must correctly answer questions about the legend surrounding each episode’s artifact. After players complete another round of challenges, the last team gains access to the temple of the same name.

Apart from “The Moat” and “The Steps of Knowledge”, the CW has not confirmed any of the other challenges that participants must complete in order to win. Chances are, though, that there won’t be a major change in the show’s formula. For obvious reasons, the hidden temple segments are likely to remain the same, and only the third round remains for debate.

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