Kirti Kulhari says she has not understood what makes a film a success or a failure

New Delhi, August 12 (IANS) Kirti Kulhari agrees that if actors have not performed, they should take some of the blame for a film’s failure. The ‘pink’ star, however, added that she has not really understood what makes a film successful or a failure.

When talking about if she thinks it was fair if the actors are blamed for a film’s failure, Kirti told IANS: “Well, if the actors have not done well yes, they should take some of the blame, but honestly I’ve been in Bollywood for a while and I really have not understood what makes a movie successful or a failure. ”

The box office is unpredictable, says the 36-year-old actress.

“And really, a movie’s failure and success in the box office most of the time is really something you can not predict, and sometimes some not-so-good movies become successful, and sometimes very good movies fail, and you just do not know why . I’m still in that state, as if I do not know why. Have not figured it out and I think it will be very difficult to figure it out, ”she added.

Kirti is now getting ready for the release of her upcoming web series ‘Human’, which also plays Shefali Shah.


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