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Kaley Cuoco has filled replica of her late dog

Actress Kaley Cuoco, popular as Penny in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” was given a stuffed replica of her deceased dog by her husband Karl Cook.

Cuoco’s dog Norman died at the age of 14 in January. After celebrating her third wedding anniversary with Cook, the actress shared that he got her a stuffed replica of the dog, which made her “so happy”, reports

“It was just so sweet and so thoughtful. When I saw it, I was so happy. It brought me so much joy and so many quick memories of my dog. You know, my dog ​​changed my life. People may think it’s creepy, but I love it. It sits on the couch and it literally feels right to me. I will cherish it forever, ”Cuoco told People magazine.

The 35-year-old actress announced the loss of Norman in January and shared a set of black-and-white photos of her late pet, describing the pain she was experiencing.

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