It gets better project, American Eagle Outfitters launches two projects – Headline 4 Ever

It Gets Better Project and American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and its U.S. Eagle and Aerie brands have raised $ 1.18 million for the LGBTQ Youth Community through this year’s Pride Partnership.

Syndicated columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller started It Gets Better Project in 2010 to offer hope and support to LGBTQ youth. They created an international movement and social media campaign with 70,000 people sharing their stories getting better. The nonprofit now reaches millions of young people through media programming, educational resources, affiliates in 20 countries and the United States, and access to community-based providers.

The goal of the It Gets Better Project is a world where all LGBTQ young people live equally and know their dignity and power. LGBTQ students are more likely to experience violence, violence and suicide than their peers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2019 “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance” results.

This year, American Eagle Outfitters donated $ 50,000 and offered additional support through the American Eagle and Aerie Real Rewards loyalty program and a promotion in the in-store pin pad. Consumers could also purchase exclusive Pride collections from American Eagle and Aerie.

The money raised will be used to roll out two projects this fall. The first will be part of It Gets Better Edu, an educational program launched by American Eagle as part of the Pride partnership with It Gets Better in 2019. That year, more than 3,000 students participated in It Gets Better Edu programming, and 750 educators were trained in how to use It Gets Better stories in their classrooms.

The second American Eagle Outfitters-supported initiative will unite the It It Gets Better Project with young leaders in dozens of communities across the country to honor the LGBTQ experience. More details about both projects will be shared on the organization’s website in the coming months.

The It Gets Better Project team worked with the retailer to create a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” -inspired content-driven series to celebrate diversity and body positivity. (The title refers to the 2001 bestselling series of young adult novels focusing on four girls acquiring a pair of jeans that fit perfectly with all four, even though they are different sizes. It was turned into a film series starring Blake Lively and others in the lead role.) The video series featured styling suggestions for the American Eagle Pride collection in addition to gender binary. It was shown across the brand’s Instagram and TikTok channels.

American Eagle Outfitters merged with It Gets Better Project in 2017, and the company has subsequently generated more than $ 3 million for the organization. This figure has made the company the largest donor in the group’s history. Considering that a video was developed to document how the two parties have worked together over the past five years. It aired as part of the second annual “It Gets Better: A Digital Pride Experience.”

American Eagle Outfitters and the two brands’ Pride efforts have included limited edition clothing, participation in Pride marches in the US and Mexico and other options for customers and employees. American Eagle Outfitters became the nonprofit’s first legacy partner two years ago.

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