Isshiki Otsutsuki’s powers from Boruto explained

Like a Ōtsutsuki, Isshiki is endowed with many divine abilities. Despite being weakened while occupying the Jigen (his human vessel), he is still faster and stronger than the majority of the “Boruto” list. In addition, he possesses two different dojutsu. His left eye contains a Byakugan that gives him the same abilities as the Hyuga clan. His right eye contains a unique dojutsu with the ability to shrink objects (as well as itself). Isshiki can then store these objects in a dimension of its own creation.

He creates these dimensions through his mastery of both ninjutsu and chakra manipulation. His expertise is such that he far surpasses the majority of human chakra users. He can use Yin Release to communicate over long distances, absorb some of the series’ most powerful attacks and even seal power plants like Naruto without much hassle. Plus, even though he already has massive reserves of chakras, he can gain even more by draining it from the ten-tailed animal he protects in an alternate reality.

Issiki, however, has several weaknesses. Many of these abilities are impossible to use (or almost so) while occupying the Jigen. As shown during his fight with Kaguya, he can also be caught off-guard. But even in such cases, he can be unbelievably resilient. If he has implanted a Kama on someone, he may even resurrect himself in their body after death. With all these abilities in tandem, Isshiki is not only strong – he is virtually impossible.

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