Is Loki Actually More Popular Than Thor?

Sure, heroes are interesting, but villains often have much more depth and interesting motivations for their actions. It’s easy to be fascinated by what makes them tick. It’s why the Joker is one of the most famous villains of all time (and arguably, across all mediums) because his pure, unfiltered chaos makes him completely terrifying. The love for Loki is quite similar because whenever he comes on screen, he upends whatever the hero is up to because of his unpredictability and his general conniving nature.

A new post from Fandom recently surfaced on Reddit, showing the pageviews year-by-year since 2014 for both Loki and Thor. The only time the God of Thunder has outranked his villainous brother was in 2017, which can likely be attributed to the fact that this was when “Thor: Ragnarok” arrived in theaters. It’ll definitely be interesting to see the numbers over the next few years. With the “Loki” TV series currently airing on Disney+, there’s much more mystery and information being thrown into his story. In 2021 alone, Loki’s Fandom page has been viewed 363,000 times, while readers have headed to Thor’s only 184,700 times.

But, don’t forget – “Thor: Love and Thunder” is on the way from Taika Waititi, heading to theaters in May 2022. So it looks like that rivalry will only get bigger, even if it’s just in terms of the data.

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