Imran Khan’s mini-series ‘Nancy’ tells the story of hope in times of Covid

Popular TV actor and director Imran Khan comes up with a new miniseries titled ‘Nancy’, which tells the story of hope during the pandemic crisis.

Speaking about the show, Imran said: “‘Nancy’ is a reality-based story, we can find families like these around us because of the existing Covid-19 situation. Not many people know the difficult situations and compromises people have faced for or have gone through this pandemic.With this miniseries, I want people to understand that even though the times we live in right now are difficult, but situations will change and get better, all we have to do is have believe and do not forget our roots and values. ”

The series also features Charu Kadariya, Pritti Cheshtta, Sonia, Rahul Vats and Amita Nangia. The 4 episode is written, directed and acted by Imran Khan himself.

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