If the Taliban kills me, it will be considered mine

Kabul: Since Taliban insurgents seized power in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans are making desperate attempts to flee the war-torn country. Their desperation was evident at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport on Monday as people stopped next to moving border planes. However, Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the last Hindu priest in the Rattan Nath temple, refused to leave the country despite being offered help.Also read – Five Reasons for US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The priest reportedly said he could not leave the temple that his ancestors had served mandir for hundreds of years. Read also – Video: Taliban fighter seen shooting at man trying to enter Kabul airport | Watch

Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the pastor of the Rattan Nath Temple in Kabul, said: “Some Hindus have encouraged me to leave Kabul and offered to arrange my trip and stay. But my ancestors served this Mandir for hundreds of years. I will not give it up. If the Taliban kill me, I consider it my Seva, ”a Twitter user @BhardwajSpeaks shared his story on the microblogging site. Also read – ‘Start routine life with full confidence’: Taliban declare ‘general amnesty’, ask women to join its government

Taliban insurgents swept Kabul on Sunday after the Afghan-backed Afghan government collapsed and President Ghani fled the country, bringing an unprecedented end to a two-decade campaign in which the United States and its allies had sought to transform the war-torn nation. Yesterday, 10 people, including 2 Afghans who clung to a plane of the US Air Force to escape the Taliban rule, lost their lives in a melee at Kabul airport as hundreds of people fought on board planes to escape the Taliban.

Earlier in the day, a plane from the Indian Air Force arrived at Jamnagar Airforce Base Station in Gujarat and brought more than 150 Indians from Afghanistan, including Indian Ambassador Rudrendra Tandon. The IAF plane arrived in Jamnagar around 11.30am after taking a long-haul flight from Hamid Karzai Airport to Kabul airport and avoiding the skies of Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.

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