I wake up and thank the Almighty for this beautiful life on my birthday

Gracy Singh, who turned one year older on Tuesday, feels birthdays are meant to express gratitude along with a promise to upgrade to a better version of yourself with each passing year.

Speaking of her birthday tradition, the actress says: β€œI wake up and thank the Almighty for this beautiful and blessed life. Ever since I have been a part of the Brahmakumari community, I have spent all my birthdays with my Brahmakumari family. ”

Gracy Singh shared a picture with a message that reads “THANK YOU” to GOD & my parents for all their blessings .., to my family for their love and care .. and to all the people around me who make my life more meaningful. .πŸŒΈπŸŽ‰ #birthdayblessings ”

Gracy spends her birthday with her niece. β€œThe best part of my birthday is that I share it with my little niece, who turns five. I want to hold a little virtual party with her where we cut cakes in our respective places and send a lot of virtual hugs and kisses. I will miss my parents and the way they made my birthday special every year though, but somewhere I know they take care of me and bless me and for me that’s all I need. ”

Gracy Singh is currently seen as Santoshi Maa in “Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein” on & TV.

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