How To Become Popular On The Internet With These 10 Steps

Have you ever wondered how to become famous online? You may have thought of it after watching another influencer video or stream. How do you beat the other online people and rise like the new online celebrity?

We start with the usual steps you can take for popularity on the internet. In the US alone, so many people become famous after a great TikTok or YouTube video! You may find other ways out there that we did not notice.

Whether you want to be known for fun or work, it is important to have an online presence. Social media allows us to promote ourselves to the world. That is why it is important to become popular online in the right and effective way.

# 1. Find your talents and interests

# 1. Find your talents and interests

What did you learn after watching your favorite online celebs? Look beyond the number of followers, likes and views they have. You can see they all have a specialty!

For example, Dhar Mann is a popular YouTuber who creates videos with positive messages. His goal is to share stories that change other people’s lives.

At TikTok, Khaby Lame is popular online for debunking silly online lifeshacks. He peeled a milk carton open when the online tips said he should cut it with scissors!

If you have not figured it out, do not sweat it. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Use your favorite videos as clues! Ask yourself, “What am I good at?”

# 2. Look for inspiration

Maybe you check your favorite online celebs for ideas. You should check how they cover your favorite topic. Also see their old content to find out how it changed over time.

For example, PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers. He has 5th largest number of subscribers in writing. He often sends Minecraft “let’s play” clips and meme reviews.

Still, he did not start with this kind of content. He started with his Call of Duty match highlights. PewDiePie was also popular online because of its pervasive gameplay.

As the years passed, he had to change his subjects. Memes and Minecraft became popular, so he eventually switched to these topics. Now he is commenting on various TikTok memes.

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# 3. Write a handful of options, then select the one you want

# 3. Write a handful of options, then select the one you want

When you find more ideas, write them down. After a while, you have a long list of topics. Limit them based on the following criteria:

  • Can you spend a lot of time on this topic?
  • Are you really familiar with the subject?
  • Are there others that are already popular online because of your topic?
  • How many are these competitors?
  • Are the people discussing your topic already familiar?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Will your viewers be interested in your topic?

Like we said, check out your favorite clue content creators. Compare the differences between their old and current posts. If there were any changes, use them for ideas.

You must end up with at least three items. So take the time to choose which of them should be your main topic. You can fall back on the remaining 2 if it does not promote interest.

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# 4. Be on all platforms

# 4. Be on all platforms

If you want to be popular online, you need to be on several platforms. The world started with Facebook. Now Twitter and Instagram are big social media sites.

However, this does not mean that you have to have accounts on all the sites. Everyone has a limited time. You have a life outside of your dream of being popular online.

In response, you need to spend time wisely. Focus on a few platforms. Be specifically present in those your target audience uses. Let’s say you want to reach business people.

It may be a good idea to focus on using Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the sites they often use. If you want to reach more of them, you need to be on other sites as well.

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# 5. Posts on other sites

It is not easy to be on third party sites. After all, their owners are not just posting your content freely. Still, it is on these sites that you reach a specific viewer base.

Let’s say you want to be popular online by providing catering to business-minded people. These people often read news sites. They also check press release pages.

You can contact the website yourself. Unfortunately, this will involve extensive negotiations and expensive fees. However, there is a more convenient way.

Fortunately, digital marketing agencies can help you. The best ones can land your posts on these professional sites. With one payment, they handle the rest!

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# 6. Always have the best content

# 6. Always have the best content

Just being anywhere on the internet is not enough. If you want to be popular online, churn out the best content. Never save on quality!

Balance your unique style with the interests of your audience. No one checks your content if there are too many similar alternatives! Your content must be identifiable from others.

Still, you need to consider the tastes of your viewers. Your content should not come out as if it were just for you. Get the balance right and you are on your way to becoming popular online!

# 7. Communicate with your followers

Let us again assume that you are a professional and content-creating company. You will need to communicate with your audience eventually. However, just posting a short comment on Facebook does not.

You will need to share more details. This is especially true if you run a business. Potential investors and business partners need all the important information.

A large digital marketing agency also helps a lot with this. You can catch one Good deal to publish on famous online news threads.

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# 8. See what makes your fans cross

# 8. See what makes your fans cross

When you post content and interact with viewers, you learn more about them. Write down your findings. However, this is not enough. You will need to know how they surf the internet.

Fortunately, digital marketing companies like it LeadAdvisors can help. It could examine your audience’s internet searches. Then it can help you gather leads from them too.

All of these services can help you become popular online. What’s more, LeadAdvisors has one great promo which offers additional features.

# 9. Track your performance

# 9. Track your performance

Of course, you need to check how your content is performing. Failure to do so may result in your content becoming obsolete without your knowledge. Fortunately, social media sites have online trackers.

They can show you how your campaign to become popular online is going. Even better, digital marketing agencies can help you monitor various metrics.
They can also help you Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These companies can adjust your content so that it is more likely to appear in the best Google search results.

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# 10. Keep it up!

Do not say after becoming popular online overnight. Most people do not. Some are lucky with a viral video that they never thought would evolve! This will take months or years.

Most goals are like that. Many of the greatest content creators have been working for decades. For example, PewDiePie took years to become popular online.

Continue submitting content. Improve and adapt as you go. Eventually you become popular online. Just do not give up!

Concluding thoughts

Before trying to become popular online, find out why you want to do it. Do you do it to appear in the major media? Or do you want to share a product or service?

If you are right after online influence, you may want to consider it again. Maybe you should get a better goal to become popular online. Fame just for the sake of fame is not ideal.

Otherwise, you could have long-term consequences. Find great ways to become popular online. You can still be entertaining while doing it!

Learn more about how to become a popular online

How do you become popular on the Internet?

To be popular online, you need to publish engaging content. Use your interests and talents to give something that people want.

How do I become internet famous overnight?

It is uncommon to become popular online so quickly. These instant internet stars often become famous after an unintentional viral video. The proven way takes months or even years.

How can I become famous on Google?

If you want to be popular online, you need to use SEO. Use keywords to propel your content to the top search results. Also try submitting Google ads!

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