How to add topspin and backspin to shots

“Mario Golf Super Rush” makes using topspin and backspin as easy as one, two, three. All the magic takes place on the power meter. When you hit a normal shot, press ‘A’ to start the power meter and then press ‘A’ again when you have decided how hard you want to swing.

When you want to place the top spin on the golf ball, all you have to do is press ‘A’ twice at the desired power level, so sit back and watch when your ball goes a few extra yards further than it originally would have been.

If you want to put backspin on the ball, just press ‘B’ at the right power level and the ball will do the rest of the work for you. In most cases, using the backspin will stop the ball fairly quickly after it lands, instead of letting it bounce too much. But if you hit ‘B’ twice, you can add super backspin to your shot. This causes the ball to roll back slightly after landing.

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