How reality ‘meets’ inspired Ashi Singh

Mumbai, August 24 (IANS) Actress Ashi Singh, who will be seen as a delivery agent in the TV soap ‘Meet’, has opened up about her experience of meeting three amazing women who have challenged gender stereotypes by working in male-dominated professions in real life.

Kashish Sharma from Ajmer, an inspection engineer with the Indian Railways, Shirin Ansari, who runs an autorickshaw in Mumbai, and Deepali Panchal, who is a delivery partner with a popular food delivery app, were invited on the TV show ‘Meet’. The women talked about how they have challenged stereotypes around gender roles and their journey.

Ashi shared his experience meeting the performance and said, “I loved meeting these three ladies. It is amazing to see that they are so happy with their jobs and that their families have supported them through their journey. We have seen almost no female rickshaw drivers or delivery agents or inspection engineers working on railroad tracks. I am inspired by their stories and confidence. ”

Speaking about her new TV show ‘Meet’, the actress added: “It’s the kind of change we need in our country, and that’s exactly why Zee TV brings audiences a show where a woman through her personal example proves that there is nothing that women are not capable of doing. ”

Starring Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey, ‘Meet’ shows the journey of a lively young girl named Meet from Haryana. Not only is she the sole breadwinner for her family, but Meet also breaks gender stereotypes by working as a delivery agent

‘Meet’ is broadcast on Zee TV.


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