How old is Audrey in Gossip Girl Restart?

A good example of a character who could be interpreted as much older than they actually are in Alyn Lind’s character, Audrey Hope. In the “Gossip Girl” premiere, soft-spoken, good girl Audrey shares one of the most explicit character introductions in her group of friends. Fans first see Audrey share an extremely intimate moment with her boyfriend Aki before their first day of school. Aki makes an uncomplicated comment that the couple will use the entire lock in 2020 together, which, when paired with the hint that the couple has hit a romantic shed, implies that these two have been together for a long time. Add to this that Alyn Lind is in her early 20s in real life and you might think Audrey is old enough to vote.

Instead, Audrey is around 16 or maybe closer to 17 – when the new “Gossip Girl” story begins. We know this because Julien mentions that she is senior to her half-sister, Zoya (Whitney Peak), and in a separate conversation, Audrey notes that everyone in this particular group of friends has known each other since they were babies. Put these two comments together and you will see that Audrey, Julien and the rest of the friends are all in their late teens as they begin their final year of high school together.

Knowing how old these characters are will help viewers understand the motivation of each character and probably get a better sense of the difficulty of the drama they will inevitably be in – especially when this drama is created by their teachers.

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