How Mileena from Mortal Kombat looks like out of costume

For Sisi Stringer, the experience of playing Mileena was one she loved, especially because she’s always known about “Mortal Kombat.” She told Nerdist, “Everyone is a little aware of ‘Mortal Kombat.’ “It’s a cultural phenomenon! Even if you’ve never played the game, you get in touch with it. You can still remember the slogans, Babalities, Fatalities and all that. And of course the X-rated violence – it’s a classic.”

About her trip as Mileena told Stringer Australian Student Edge that director Simon McQuoid wanted a darker, crazier, and more three-dimensional depiction of the video game characters than had previously been shown on screen. “It’s bloody and it’s the way it should be, and I think that’s what the fans needed,” Stringer said. “And I think they will respect those choices, and I was just trying to be as vicious as possible.”

In fact, the role was physically demanding, but Stringer has said her dancer’s training took her through it. And while Mileena is not sexualized in the film, the actress wore some skin-tight duds as part of her costume. Then there was the process required to turn her mouth into Mileena’s cruel laugh. Fortunately, these aspects helped her get into character. “I would always get the most into the character by wearing a suit, this very tight leather cross! I had layers of prostheses for the arenas and then the war paint she uses to cover them, ”she shared NovaStream network.

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