How long does it take to knock a road out?

Before the game was released, Fares told GameSpot that “A Way Out” would take about 6-8 hours to complete. Data collected by HowLongToBeat supports this claim, with the average playback length of the main story reported as 6 hours. Completionists can expect to spend just over 7 hours uncovering all that “A Way Out” has to offer, though adopting a leisurely pace can push that number as high as 14 hours.

“A way out” may take most players less than 10 hours to complete, but it takes that time for good use. “Never before have I played a game that makes you and your friend feel like an unbreakable team,” wrote GamesRadars Sam Loveridge. “A Way Out elevates co-op play in a way that nothing has before.” IGN reiterated this sentiment, which compliments the title’s unique blend of collaborative play and film. “Come to jail break romance, become the finest in the stomach,” concluded reviewer Ryan McCaffrey.

Although it does not reach the 14-15 hour runtime found in “It Takes Two”, “A Way Out” has still secured a place as a must-play co-op adventure.

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