How Long Does It Take To Beat?

iMore reports that “Monster Hunter Stories 2” takes about 45 hours to beat. That’s a bit longer than the first game’s campaign, which should please longtime fans and give newcomers a decent challenge. It should be noted that although Rock Paper Shotgun didn’t give an estimate for how long the game takes to beat, the outlet estimates you’ll need about 12 hours to get fully into all that “Monster Hunter Stories 2” has to offer. So if you’re feeling like it’s dragging in the early going, you might want to stick it out. You may have over 30 hours of exciting gameplay to look forward to when you get the hang of things.

According to HowLongToBeat, the original “Monster Hunter Stories” takes about 36 hours to finish if you just play the main story. Some extras will bring you up to 51 hours, while full completion takes around 77 hours. Depending on how many “extras” are available in “Monster Hunter Stories 2,” the game could easily go on for much longer, especially since it’s campaign is a bit lengthier than the original’s.

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