House Of The Dragon’s Production just hit a serious chin

As reported by Deadline, “House of the Dragon” has unfortunately had to stop production in the UK due to a positive case of COVID-19. A member of the production team tested positive, and in accordance with industry regulations, the individual is required to insulate, and close contacts are required in quarantine. Deadline reports that the movie “House of the Dragon” will be resumed in a few days; however, the delay is certainly unwelcome news for those eager to see the new series as soon as possible.

“House of the Dragon” is not the only UK-based production recently influenced by COVID-19. Although the UK Government has gone all out and lifted all pandemic-related restrictions, as reported by NBC, cases in the country continue to skyrocket. In fact, the second season of “Bridgerton” ended shuts down twice a week due to positive COVID-19 cases, and Netflix had to as well close the movie on their feature film adaptation of children’s classic “Matilda”.

The safety of the cast and crew of “House of the Dragon” is paramount, and it’s good to see HBO taking these positive matters seriously. Hopefully the production will not face more major delays and fans will be able to watch the series faster than later.

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