Homelander’s dark story

In both media outlets of “The Boys”, attempts to rescue a hijacked plane result in heavy losses as the superheroes do not rescue the passengers. The show stars Homelander and Queen Maeve with the help of Madelyn Stilwell. The mission is a disaster. Homelander burns the aircraft’s controls with his laser eyes. Despite Maeve’s statement, Homelander insists he cannot carry the plane or fly individual passengers to safety. Homelander and Queen Maeve fly away and let everyone else die.

Air Rescue is a major attempt at comics. The Legend tells the story of Hughie in No. 21. Instead of Homelander and Maeve, all of The Seven are sent to rescue the passengers. Black Noir falls from the sky while Deep (who can fly in the comics) collides with the plane. Homelander and Queen Maeve arrive on the plane, but Deep breaks the plane’s windshield and sends the plane in a spiral. Passengers cannot hear a word they say. Homelander and Maeve turn on each other and proclaim to each other, “I thought you had a plan!”

Eventually, Homelander cuts his losses and ditches the plane, hitting Maeve on his way out. Mister Marathon, a member of The Seven in the comics, clings to him to survive. Queen Maeve stops, but eventually flies out of the plane and realizes that the passengers are doomed. In one last attempt to redirect the falling plane, Homelander flies through it: Mister Marathon dies and the plane crashes into the Brooklyn Bridge.

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