Here’s what Rick And Morty fans think is missing from season 5

On Reddit, user @SomeOrangeJuice said, “Kinda missing the classic Rick and Morty adventures,” a comment that received more than 180 accolades. It was followed by a popular response from @u-Wot-Brother who said: “I think previous episodes were defined by the presence of Rick AND Morty together. The last season has been Rick or Morty.” @ ThunderKant_1 expanded the concept, pointing out: “Rick, too, mostly does nothing in season 5, just along with what the other characters do.”

In Season 5, Episode 1, “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”, Morty has a date with Jessica, but continues to be interrupted by Rick and Mr. Nimbus, and he goes to a parallel universe world to age wine. Accidents happen, of course, and he becomes Public Enemy No. 1 in the Narnia-like reality. In “Mortiplicity”, both Rick (Justin Holland) and Morty (Maurice LaMarche) are drawn into a mind-bending adventure where it is unclear who the real family is. This is an episode that actually keeps the family together, which is the key, as it has been considered one of the best episodes so far in season 5. “Episode 3,” A Rick Convenient Mort, “Morty and Rick share again and broadcast Rick and Summer (Spencer Grammer) on a side quest while Mort falls in love with Planetina. together moments, but not close enough.And episode 5, “Amortycan Grickfitti,” has Morty, Summer, and new student Bruce (Justin Roiland) having an adventure in Rick’s ship while Rick hangs out with Jerry (Roiland).

There are five episodes left this season – and since “Rick and Morty” was renewed to a full 70 episodes after the end of its third season, it’s guaranteed for up to five more seasons. Hopefully, the show can return to its classic roots and entertain viewers with its raunchy, nihilistic, imaginative plot and dark emotions for years to come.

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