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Although John Lithgow’s cool performance in “Dexter” season 4 was one to remember, here’s a quick summary for those who may have forgotten. While Dexter tries to juggle a family and a new baby, Dexter has a hard time adjusting his side hobby to his busy schedule. That’s when he meets Arthur Mitchell, also known as Trinity Killer, and is shocked to discover that Arthur, unlike himself, is able to balance his seemingly perfect family life with his own serial killer tendencies. Hoping to learn from him, Dexter integrates himself into Arthur’s circle, but to his own detriment. Although Dexter succeeds in killing Trinity Killer, he is unable to prevent the tragic murder of his wife, Rita (Julie Benz), who is killed by Arthur.

So how does Lithgow’s Trinity Killer appear in the new episodes of “Dexter?” Fans will remember that Dexter often refers to what he calls his Dark Passenger – the part of him that has a hunger to kill. The Dark Passenger has often manifested itself as Dexter’s father, Harry (James Remar), who taught Dexter at a young age how to kill without being caught using a set of rules known as the Code. Still, as Dexter discovers in season 8, it was not Harry Morgan who invented the code, but Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling). As a result, Dexter realizes that he no longer needs “Harry”, and the subconscious figure disappeared.

Although we do not know for sure, Dexter’s Dark Passenger may return, this time with Trinity Killer’s face. Will he then be a force for good, as Harry was, or will he drive Dexter to his inevitable downfall? We’ll find out when “Dexter” returns to Showtime in the fall of 2021.

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