Here’s what fans think makes an American horror story season good

The winner was ready. Receiving 161 of the 385 votes, fans decided that it is the actors who are making their favorite seasons so good. “American Horror Story” is unlike many TV shows, because while the story changes from season to season, most of the cast remains the same. Fan favorites like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters appear in most seasons, and it’s an ongoing joke that when someone enters the Ryan Murphy Cinematic Universe, it’s apparently a guarantee that they will one day reappear in the future.

Because of the recurring cast members, fans go into each season and know who to look for. Redditor-user-shunshock said that even though it’s a mix of all five elements, “the cast is the first thing that draws me in, though.”

Similarly, co-user OedipusCapulet said that at least three elements must be present and explained why, despite the complicated plot of “Hotel”, it was such a success for them due to the aesthetic, soundtrack and character. Leaning towards actors, however, they said: “Of course I’m in love with Evan Peters, so he’s an instant pro for any season, whether he’s a charismatic psycho or an undead frat boy …”

Other fans expressed that it would be too difficult to choose because “American Horror Story” is “the chef’s kiss“and its success is due to a balancing act between each element.

Season 10 of “American Horror Story”, titled “Double Feature”, premieres on FX on August 25, 2021.

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