Here’s how Twilight fans really wanted the saga to end

It is not surprising that Jacob Black characterizes Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, when the girl was only a child – meaning they are destined to be together romantically when the child grows up – comes close to the top of the list of things , which fans would change about the film series, per The things. After all, there is nothing more disgusting than realizing that the only reason Jacob was attracted to Bella was that she was carrying some of Renesmee’s DNA with her.

Problems with the series’ wish fulfillment appear a few times; many wonder why Bella’s parents, for example, are not worried about her marrying Edward right from high school. The fact that Bella names her daughter after her mother but spends some time with her throughout the film series is also a disappointment, fans of the saga noted.

Also high on the list are some major character deaths: Jasper Hales and Carlisle Cullen in the final battle of “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” But fans are just as furious that some of the main vampire characters never get their background explained. It just shows that you can not please everyone.

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