Here’s How John Krasinski Really Feels About The Office’s Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert — one of only a handful of characters who appear in every episode of “The Office” — is essentially a lovable goof. Viewers felt Jim’s pain as he hid his feelings for Pam during the show’s early episodes, and cheered when the two shared their first kiss. They laughed at his many pranks, typically targeted towards Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) — even the ones that went too far. But Jim did have some personality traits that irked people, and apparently, they irked John Krasinski as well.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2013, Krasinski admitted that there were times when he found Jim annoying. Specifically, the actor found fault with his character’s positive outlook. He said that Jim’s typically optimistic perspective often led him to make big decisions without much thought. Viewing the world through rose-colored glasses made it easier for Jim to make leaps of faith — leaps that often forced Pam to do so as well). Krasinski also explained to Rolling Stone that he felt Jim’s belief that everything would work out in the end allowed the character to be a bit of a slacker who often wasted his potential while waiting for the stars to align in his favor.

“Jim has this idea that everything is going to be okay in his world, and that can be frustrating to people, especially his wife, when he makes snap decisions and thinks it’ll be fine in the end,” Krasinski said.

But Krasinski did have some positive things to say about Jim as well, sharing that Jim is an unjaded underdog who, while content in his life in the present, always trusts his gut to guide him to a better future: “He’s content where he is, with the potential to be better, and goes completely on what he’s feeling most of the time.” All in all, that’s not the worst way to live, even if he is a bit annoying at times.

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