Here you can see why I got married?

“Why did I get married?” is one of those movies that tends to bounce around in the various streaming services quite a bit, but on the plus side, it does mean that it is pretty much always available somewhere. Currently the Tyler Perry-directed dramedy is available to stream on Showtime app, which requires a $ 10.99 subscription fee.

If you are already a Showtime subscriber, you can watch the movie via your cable provider directly via the app or on Hulu or Amazon Prime if you subscribe to Showtime via one of these services. Not sure if you are ready to sign up for another streaming service? Showtime generally has a seven-day free trial for new members, so it’s easy to check out what the service offers without committing to a full month of streaming.

And if all else fails, “Why did I get married?” can also be rented via Apple, Google Play and Amazon for $ 3.99 – so go ahead and treat yourself to watching this fun and heartfelt movie that shows what Perry can do beyond Madea’s world.

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