Harbhajan Singh to debut in ‘Friendship’

On Harbhajan Singh’s birthday today, Toughened Studios Limited announces its big debut on the silver screen with the film ‘Friendship’. With cricket Harbhajan Singh, action king Arjun and Losliya starring with the lead role, the film is set up to be a complete entertainment package. The creators shared an interesting poster with Singh and his friends in a ‘rapchik’ avatar and also shared a lyrical video that completely fascinates us further.

Harbhajan Singh has previously played parts and has previously been a guest with, but in ‘Friendship’ he will be seen in a full role. Extremely popular in the Nordics, especially Punjab, his fame is astounding due to his cricket career, but due to his period in the Chennai Super Kings IPL team since 2018, his fame has stretched Pan-India. The film deals with friendship, action, sports and emotions at once with social content.

Bhajji, a mechanical engineering student with his group of friends at the beginning of the first year, manages a clever escapade from all the clumsy of the seniors. The next sequel remains a mystery yet to unfold as we gradually dive deeper into the emotions of this one of its friendly roller coaster journey of friendship. The film has a strong social message and is as exciting as it reads.

The film is expected to be released this year and the film will be released simultaneously in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

With Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh, action King Arjun, presented by Toughened Studios Limited, ‘Friendship’ is directed by John Paul Raj & Sham Surya, produced by Kiran Reddy Mandadi, co-produced by Ram Maddukuri.

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