Godzilla anime that fans can’t stop bingeing on Netflix

From a narrative perspective, “Godzilla Singular Point” remains true to its source material. Most “Godzilla” stories combine some element of science fiction with some sort of mystery that usually surrounds one or more kaiju. And it makes sense, like kaiju translates to “strange animal” in Japanese, and they are often exacerbated or attracted by human scientific endeavors.

The story follows two eggheads, a biologist named Mei and an engineer named Yun, as they unravel the various mysteries surrounding the sudden appearance of various kaiju and the existence of a seemingly impossible particle known as the archetype. As the two dive deeper into the mystery, they discover that the archetype and the kaiju are the key to avoiding a catastrophic event predicted by an enigmatic scientist from the past.

This “Godzilla” penetrating plot is beautifully told through animation performed by studios Bones and Orange and combines wonderfully with the more anime-like elements of the story. For example, “Singular Point” is also a mecha anime, as Yun is responsible for helping with the design and construction of the Jet Jaguar. While not massive, it is the only weapon humans have that can combat the increasing invasion of kaiju on human civilization. As such, the series features many tropes from the second mecha and campaign to sell its kaiju-versus-robots dynamics.

If you’re a fan of exciting mysteries, giant robots or Godzilla yourself, then “Singular Point” may be a great choice for your next Netflix cast.

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